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What would be a good payout for my investors in poker?

Friday, July 22, 2011 posted by sunnyboy 7:39 am
cubbydwp asked:

I’m wanting to start playing poker online more seriously than I have before. I use to put $50 onto my Full Tilt account and blow it off in an hour playing in limits I shouldn’t of started at. I now realize I should play in limits I am comfortable playing in (I seem to do well when I do this). I am pretty broke at the moment, so I don’t have the money to put on my account. So I was thinking of asking friends and family to invest a few bucks into me playing poker. Im sure I can get enough for 50 dollars, but my question is… What would be a good pay out to the investors if I do well? I was thinking doubling what they put in? (They put in $5, I give them $10) Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!!!
you guys are idiots. i have a job but all my money is going to bills. im only 18. i play very well. but i said i tried to play in blinds that werent good for a $50 bankroll so i was scared to loose my money. and i want people to invest so i can play more comfortably and start off at small levels. just answer my question dont critize me you retards.

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