Full Tilt – change birth date ?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 7:51 am
Luca S asked:


I made a Full Tilt account two years ago when I was 17.
Always could play and cash out with no problems…
I now really play high stake poker and I earn lots of money with it on weekends – The Q is if I should ask Full Tilt for changing my birth date or not. If I do so there is the possibility that they say: You made the contract in illegal age so we freeze your account.

But as I play with much money I do not want them to surprise me when my account has 10.000 bucks on it!


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Texas Holdem Poker Betting Strategies

Monday, February 8, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 9:04 pm
James Rice asked:

When you throw out Texas Hold’em betting strategies from the poker table, Holdem is nothing more than a game of risk. Anyhow, when the chips are on the table hold’em turns into a game of mastery and mental shrewdness

The game of Texas Hold em calls for two forced bets (per round) called the big blind and small blind. When the action comes around to you in a clockwise progression, you have one of four choices:

1. Bet – When you are “under the gun,” you place an amount of chips equal to the big blind. This goes into the pot.

2. Call – Calling is matching the amount of the preceding bet.

3. Raise – To call a raise requires you first match what another player bet. Subsequently you can “raise” to whatever amount you choose.

4. Fold – To fold is simply dropping out of a hand. Nothing to win. Nothing to lose.

When you sit down at the poker table, you will quickly observe there are two extreme bettors.

1. Manic – The Maniac pushes the action, whether he has a hand or not. At first, the Maniac is quick to double or triple his chip stack. Nevertheless, the need for action often leaves the Maniac knocked out of live action games or refilling his account.

2. Passive – The Rock often checks or calls and never raises unless he possesses a monster hand. Due to his lack of aggressiveness, the Rock continually loses chips and is eventually out of the tournament and having to refill his account.

Texas Holdem Poker betting is not just throwing money into the pot, or paying to see the flop. Actually, there is a strategy, which should be involved. David Sklansky said there are five reasons why you place a bet:

1. You want to get more money in the pot.

2. You want to drive other players out.

3. You want to bluff (or semi-bluff).

4. You want to get a free card.

5. You want more information on the other player (s).

Here are five Hold em betting strategies you can use to improve your Texas holdem poker play.

1. Feeler Bet: With the feeler bet, you are probing for information. The value bet will always let you know where you stand in the hand. If you never bet, you will never know what your opponents are holding. It is for this cause you use it to get a “feel” for the strength of your hand also the strength of your opponents hand.

2. Stealing the Blinds: A strategy worth expanding in poker is taking down uncontested blinds and pots! Stealing the blinds over time will win you more money than you will lose. There some things you should contemplate before you start stealing the blinds is the type of players at the table, your own table image, sensing weakness at the table and the size of the bet.

3. Check Raise: This is also known as trapping. The check raise works by acting weak in hopes of hiding your strength. With any luck, this will induce a bluff or at least a misinformed bet from your opponent to get him to put his chips to the pot.

4. Represent the Flop: The Continuation Bet is showing strength before the flop, most frequently with over cards. Oftentimes you will miss the flop, but continue to show strength through betting, as if you have a real hand. The recipe to successfully pulling off the continuation bet is to narrow your opponents down to one or two at the most. Here is the rule of the continuation bet: If you make a pre-flop raise, you must bet after the flop. Period. This includes when you do not hit your cards. Do not be one of those morons who raises with Big Slick before the flop…only to check after the flop when it comes out garbage. Players who do that are spineless.

5. Squeezing: You squeeze when you think someone is on a flush or straight draw but does not have it. Raising in this situation may keep the player from staying in the hand, not wanting to risk his stack on the possibility of missing his straight or flush. Be careful, unless you already have a strong hand, this kind of texas holdem betting strategy could really backfire.

Try applying these five Hold em betting strategies and watch your Holdem game perk up.

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Playing Texas Holdem At Online Poker Sites

Friday, February 5, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 9:42 am
Vikram kuamr asked:

Have you caught the bug to play Texas Holdem? This poker game has swept the world and is the most popular poker tournament game ever. You can play Texas Holdem when you play online poker. There are plenty of online poker rooms that will welcome a new player to this game. 


Before you start playing poker online, however, you need to know some of the rules of the casino. For example, some online poker sites will only allow players from a certain country to play. American players have a more difficult time when they want to play Texas Holdem for money online because of the ambiguous laws with regard to online gambling. Many sites will welcome American players, but some do not. There are also sites that are specifically targeted towards Americans. If you want to play Texas Holdem at online poker sites for money and live in the United States, you need to know which sites are USA friendly. 


Another aspect about playing Texas Holdem at online poker sites is your skill level. If you are new to the game, you will want to choose a site that offers lessons and practice games so that you can play without money until you feel comfortable playing the game using cash. You should learn as much about the game from tutorials as possible before you start playing Texas Holdem or any other card game at an online poker site for money. 


Some online poker sites will offer bonuses for new players. Any new player who wants to play Texas Holdem, Omaha or any other tournament game at an online poker site for money should read up on bonuses. For those who plan on playing the game on a continued basis, the bonuses make sense. 


You can play Texas Holdem at tables when you enter an online poker site, or you can play in tournaments. Tournaments are held at most online poker sites, so you have to keep your eyes open to find the best Texas Holdem tournament for you. They have tournaments for experienced players as well as beginners. You can even play with some celebrities at some online poker sites. 


If you enjoy online poker and want to play Texas Holdem, you should read up on the best sites for this game as well as the most lucrative tournaments by taking a look at gambling reviews. Online gambling reviews go over each of the Texas Holdem sites and give players details that they need to know about the online poker site. These details include the level of the tournaments, the cash offered, how many tables are available, how long the online poker site has been in business, the ease of using the software and if they accept players from your country. You can also learn, from reading poker reviews, if the site allows you to play Texas Holdem for fun before you have to start using your money. 


Before you start playing Texas Holdem at an online poker site, check out the site by reading online gambling reviews. 

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How to Play Texas Holdem and Consistently Win

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 12:44 pm
Sean Moronse asked:

When the talk shifts to card game, the name poker is one of those games that are getting all the noises. And of course these noises are of the right kind. This card game is a complex one that needs to be studied first, before someone can say that they have found the winning formula in this card game. What is referred to as the game of poker can actually come in many forms and in many types. One variation of the game is the Texas Holdem. In fact when one say that game of poker, some people may think that he is referring to the Holdem variation because this is the most popular variation of the card game. With so many people playing this variation of the card game online and offline, perhaps now is the right time for you to learn how to play Texas Holdem and consistently win on impromptu games.

If you have questions that basically centers on how to play Texas Holdem then remember this; the card game basically starts when the players on the table are given two hole cards. The poker table is provided with five community cards and players can see these cards and can use these in combination of the hand. You can make the five cards using both sources of cards or you can use one or none of the hole cards in combination with community cards.

Typically there will be four rounds of betting and starts clockwise. The first person to bet is the one next to the dealer button. Say for example that two or more players have the same advantageous five card hands, and then the pot will be split between the two holders of the winning card hands. Questions about how to play Texas Holdem and consistently win cannot be fully answered if the many terms related to this poker variation aren’t addressed. So what are these Holdem terms that should be taken into consideration? These terms include the blinds, the pre-flop, the flop, the turn, the river and the showdown.

Bets often figure prominently on conversations when two people talk on ways on how to play Texas Holdem. Bets are often placed in blinds and they are placed by players to the left of the dealer. The action in this game can start on the player to the left of the bigger blind. And that person is expected to develop his pre-flop action; he can call, raise or fold. The betting system will then continue clockwise until everyone on the player had their chance of acting on the hand. When the players have folded or have matched the bets of everyone, then flop is dealt on table. The flop involves the three community cards dealt face up on table and the turn is the fourth community and the time where the third round of betting starts. The river is the final community of cards and this is followed by the final round of betting.

The showdown happens when there is one player left on the game. This is the time where they will reveal their cards and the highest one wins. Knowing how to play Texas Holdem isn’t simply knowing about the basic rules, but also knowing what the terms used in the game.

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Texas Holdem Blinds- Stealing Money In Cash Games

Monday, February 1, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 1:34 am
Sean Moronse asked:

Playing cash games for a living is a definite possibility, especially if you develop the right texas holdem poker strategy. What is the correct texas holdem poker strategy?

Some basic Texas Holdem poker strategy suggestions include:

1.Watch the Table before You Sit Down: This Texas Holdem poker strategy suggestion works for almost any game of poker. Watching the players and how they play at the table for 5 minutes can do you wonders. I guarantee you will see greater profits from doing this 5 minutes before you sit down at any texas holdem poker table.

2. Learning How To Bluff: Players who are really good at this Texas Holdem poker strategy increase their chances for getting players with excellent hands to fold even though they have the hand won by a mile. Those who bluff well can win with absolutely nothing over and over again and make great money playing cash games even if the cards are not falling your way.

3. Learn How to Bet: Learning when and how to bet is one of the most crucial components to the success of being an online poker player. Knowing your texas holdem poker odds and when and when not to call or fold, is the key factor to being a professional poker player. Raising properly is most of the time betting 3 times the big blind. Pot sized betting and betting half the pot are usually the betting styles most people use that know poker well.

4. Knowing When to Let it Go: One of the hardest Texas Holdem poker strategy ideas to clutch is learning when to fold. Knowing when you beat and accepting it, will be the factor to your success also.

Knowing these 4 factors will definitely round off your game and make you an incredible poker player. Establishing credibility as the poker table by showing phenomenal and well executed hands will make poker players fear you at the table. Also an excellent poker player DEFINITELY will show bluffs. A lot of bluffs to be exactly to set a table image. You definitely don’t want to be known as a tight player and only plays AA, KK, QQ. You won’t make any money at the poker table developing an image like this. I have been playing poker for over 20 years and have been playing texas holdem poker online for over 5 of those years.

Now let me explain some of the advantages of playing texas holdem poker online. First of all you can play as many poker tables as you want at the same time. This is no where offered at any online poker game. There is no better feeling than seeing recognizable profits off 6 poker tables. Once you double up in one of the poker tables, I recommend you get out immediately and buy into another cash game table with the minimum buy in or the minimum buy in plus half. I wish you the best of luck in your poker career. I hope you can be just as successful as I am.

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How can I get back full internet capability (after Spyware Protect 2009)?

Friday, January 22, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 3:32 pm
bennyvabene asked:

About a week ago, our computer was hit by Spyware Protect 2009. We were able to remove almost all the issues ourselves, but were unable to connect to almost all websites. After about 1-1/2 hours on the phone with tech support, we had the majority of our internet capability restored – but not all, and the tech guy, who was very nice, had no idea why. Strangest of all, to me, is that IE tends to connect better than Firefox (my preferred browser.)
For example:
My fiancee, who uses IE, can now get on Full Tilt Poker and access his Hotmail account, but he can’t get a radio feed that he often listens to.
As for me, from Firefox, I can’t access Gmail, can’t sign into Yahoo (I’m in safe mode right now and can access both of those.) I also can’t connect to IWin Games or Emachine Games.
I do know that Norton Internet Security has firewalls on, and it’s possible that it’s blocking all low risk sites…but I can’t open either Norton or McAfee when I’m in regular mode, and I can only get to the scan screen for Norton when I’m in safe mode. Norton came with the computer, but I’m considering uninstalling (manually, if need be) the program to see if that helps and let McAfee take over, but I don’t know if that’d be advisable (I’m pretty computer illiterate for my age.)
We have installed Malwarebytes (that was the first recommendation from the tech support guy), but to no avail – yet another program we couldn’t open.

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Does anyone know of a poker site that accepts 5 dollar min deposits?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 5:59 pm
ross l asked:

I know poker stars and full tilt are 10

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Questions about poker sponsorships?

Friday, January 1, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 5:18 am
studley asked:

I’m just the average joe kinda guy, but I do play a lot of online poker on Full Tilt. I’ve heard you can obtain a sponsor to basically give you money to play and they get a small percentage of what you win….or something along those lines. First of all, is this even true?

How exactly would I go about doing this?

What are some popular sponsors?

Any qualifications or requirements?

Power Poker Review

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Sean Moronse asked:

How to play Texas Holdem is a question that many up incoming poker players ask. Also, being successful in online texas holdem is a lot of passionate poker player’s dreams.

When many players come into Sit-N-Go’s, they just have one thing in mind which is making the money. Many players will just sit there and play hardly any hands, until they actually are in the money. They avoid the action early on unless they have a monster hand. If you notice one of these players, take notes on them (note taking will be discussed in the next chapter) and think about why they may be holding before you commit almost all your chips against them.

Players that play solely for any place in the money typically sit back and watch others knock each other out. Once they get in the money they will start to loosen up, constantly trying to double up often or they will continue to play tight and hope that the other two in the money will knock each other out before their blinds are ate up.

A lot of people ask, “What is the best strategy to use if you’re just trying to make the money?” The answer to this question is to play very tight throughout the Sit-N-Go tournament. In most Sit-N-Go’s you will enter, you will play and win just enough hands early on to give you a chip stack to last you throughout the tournament. So it’s wise to play tight until the money and then once you reach the money you should GREATLY loosen up your game. Understand that you are already in the money, so if you can double up once or twice and even knock out a person, then it’s smooth sailing from here to win. Obviously, you can’t be guaranteed first every time. It just AINT gonna happen. Bad beats are a part of poker, being able to not tilt is another.

Here are some more great tips in securing first place in a Sit-N-Go. When you play for first place you must remember that to become a winning Sit-N-Go player, you will have to shoot for first place every time rather than just worrying about making the money. Trying to just hold on to make 3rd place and into the money will not cut it if that’s your general outlook on the situation. Clearly, sometimes you will have a huge chip lead over the other players and you have nothing other than first in mind, but what I am talking about is when you’re sitting at the lower to middle end of tournament chips. You must always remember that the house usually takes a pretty big portion of every Sit-N-Go buy in, 10% which is kind of ridiculous. If you try making 3rd and that is it, your profits won’t be very much and you will not be able to make a living playing Sit-N-Go’s with this mindset. You have to mentally prepare yourself for first every time! A first place finish usually pays 2-3 times more than third so just because you make it into the money you CAN’T LET UP!

To win first, you’re going to have to mix in a tight game plan with aggressive play, but still play smart at all times. You need to play tight in the early stages, while still taking chances as well. Since the blinds during this time will be minute, you can take more chances and if you happen to lose a large part of your stack then the blinds still will not threaten your stack. When I say CHANCES, I mean favorable chances, such as a flush draw with over cards, open ended, etc…I see this a lot on Full Tilt Poker or Paradise Poker.

Remember, your goal is to build your chips in the middle stage to prepare for the final stage. Once you develop a comfortable stack, you can boss around the table and force people out when you’re normally couldn’t. It will be better to go out early than to bubble by trying to hold on until third place. There is nothing wrong with third place, I mean you are still making money; it just takes 3 third place wins to equal the profit of one first place win. Just remember, poker is unpredictable the way the cars fall, and sometimes the hands go your way and they don’t. You may have to wait until the middle round before you even get a hand to start building your stack for the late stages.

To win first, you’re going to have to mix in a tight game plan with aggressive play, but still play smart at all times. Punish your opponent for bluffing and show them who is boss. Practice, Practice, Practice…you CAN’T get enough of this. Learn poker, every aspect of it. Online Texas Holdem provides lots of excitement for a passionate poker player especially if you’re winning time after time. Knowing your poker odds heads up will also cause you lots of success.

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Texas Holdem Poker – A Guide to Winning

Monday, December 28, 2009 posted by sunnyboy 12:10 am
Sean Moronse asked:

The game of poker is continually becoming popular and frequently played around the globe, because it is a great moneymaking game and the fact that the game is truly exciting. Poker though comes in different types. One of them is the Texas holdem poker, which is by far the best and most famed poker game.

What is Texas holdem poker? It is a type of poker where you can choose to play within a small group alone. It can be as small as two players or up to ten players, depending on your choice. This poker game has simple game rules but offers a fast-paced play, which is why American poker players and other players internationally like this game very much.

Texas holdem poker has four rounds of betting. You play Texas holdem with each player receiving two private cards that are faced down and five community cards that are faced up, and these cards placed at the center of the table for player sharing. The player who wins the pot should have the highest hand at the showdown.

How does one win in a Texas holdem poker? Here are guides to show you the way into playing and winning as well:

? Read and research. The game is filled with lots of scheming players. You should fire up yourself first with valuable information about the game like tips and strategies for better chances of winning.

? Have a tough heart. If you give up quickly, then this game is not for you. Poker is game of money and mind coupled with luck and determination.

? Observe the competition. You should understand and evaluate how the other lose and win. With your game and their game as well, you will get some slice of the recipe for a winning game.

? Explore your poker style. For a novice, try to play the game on a different style each time you are on the table. Until then, you will have a proper grasp on which style is best for the game.

? Be a smart ***. Texas holdem poker is poker; what I mean is every poker game is a game of money. Protect your money and then win some by giving the other player a hard time. Remember, you have been in that losing situation once, try not to ruin your luck this time.

? Play and play again. Experience is the best teacher, so the saying says. If you keep yourself on the game most of the time, chances are you will learn a thing or two in every game – whether you win or lose.

? Practice makes perfect. Get a hand of Texas holdem poker always if you are truly serious about learning and winning the game. Play online, play in a real casino, and play wherever poker is available. Besides, once you get the rules right and the winning secrets intact, you are surely on your way to over a hundred-thousand-dollar earning. I wish you the best of luck down your road to success!

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