can online sites figure out your information from ur credit card?

Thursday, March 11, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 9:02 pm
thedecline341 asked:

i want to put money onto a poker site that requires you to be 21 to play there (full tilt poker). i am not 21, but do have a credit card that can put money onto the site. will full tilt be able to figure out how old i am from just having my credit card information

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How to Play Texas Holdem Poker

Sunday, March 7, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 7:20 pm
George Schmingy asked:

The single most popular form of poker being played today, bar none, is texas holdem poker both online and off, so if you want in on the poker scene then it’s important to know how to play holdem. Fortunately, part of the reason that this poker variation is so popular is because it is quite easy to learn to play. Don’t let that fool you, though, it will still take a lot of skill and experience to get really good at this fun game.

Basic sequence of play

Texas hold ’em is played in four different rounds, defined by the cards that are turned up. It’s a community card game, and that means that the cards are in the middle are used by all the players to make the best hand possible. The player with the top hand after all the rounds are completed takes the pot.

In the first round, each player is dealt two hole cards by the dealer. These cards are only known to the player, and a round of betting ensues. A player who has not been dealt good hole cards may choose to fold at this point, while other players may bet or check. A check occurs when a player does not wish to raise and has already put in the amount of money or chips needed to meet the last bet. Those who know how to play holdem with skill will usually tell a novice that it is not a good move to bet pre-flop.

Once all the players have decided to fold, check, or bet, the dealer puts three community cards face up in the middle of the table. This is known as the flop, and it’s often right here where a player decided to take his or her chances or fold. After the flop comes several more rounds of betting, and then the dealer places a single card face up, known as the turn. Again there is betting, and the final card turned over is known as the river. If there is still more than one player left, it’s time to call for a showdown. Players may try to bluff opponents into folding or they may just call.

Limit hold ’em vs No limit holdem

There are two big variations on texas holdem poker, limit and no limit holdem. In limit hold ’em, there are set amounts that a player can raise at any one time, as well as rules governing how many betting rounds can take place during each round of play.

In no limit holdem, there are no rules placed on bets or amount of bets. Betting increases by any amount until all players have either called or folded. This is the variation of the game in which all-ins are frequent, and where skill comes to the forefront. It’s also very important to be patient in this type of holdem game; a lot of newbies especially LOVE to go all-in all the time, and if you’re playing online with fun money this can be a real pain in the ***. I’d recommend no limit holdem only for tables where once the table has been set, no one else is allowed in.

So that’s a basic overview on how to play texas holdem poker. Of course there are dozens of variations depending on whether you are playing in real life or online, your hole cards, and the types of player you are up against.

For more information regarding texas holdem poker or other aspects of the game of poker visit: Texas Holdem Poker

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keeping track of taxes when playing online poker?

Saturday, February 27, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 11:45 pm
Jenn V asked:

Hi,if playing on full tilt poker or pokerstars as a hobby,how does a person keep track of all the games they win or lose.I mean is the email from the pokersite on a game you played good enough.Also If I have a 1,000 or 2,000 in my pokerstars account,if I want to withdrawl a 1,000 should I put a percentage away for tax time.If I want to withdrawl 300 do I have to figure out what % to give to irs.please help thankyou……..

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How to Upgrade Your Texas Holdem Game

Sunday, February 21, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 9:54 pm
Jack Goodman asked:

Statistics and Probability are considerable game factor in NL texas holdem poker holdem players utilize odds calculation continually to decide their upcoming game moves. The possibility of completing a straight Draw or a 3 of a kind cards arrangement, the statistical likelihood of receiving a poker card higher than the ones on the flop every part of these plus others are important questions inside a poker game this relies solidly on probability calculations. The knowledge of these statistical consequences is a key issue on the road to being a winning poker player.

Holdem radar is a free software product which is designed to become your no limit poker strategies advisor as you play poker on line or offline. This freeware poker strategy calculator will show the exact chances of every poker hand you might have in a the clearest way to grasp visual format, while giving you with the needed data to make the appropriate holdem game move decisions every time. Holdem radar is a poker chances calculator as well as a NL texas hold em poker advisor; it is free and yet it is the most accurate calculator out there. Holdem radar does the whole hard arithmetical calculations right away for you, and gives you strategies and an recommendation and poker instructions on how to play the right way and come first.

Whether you are a beginner poker player or if you’re skilled in playing nolimit poker game, when it comes to playing online poker, Holdem Radar poker strategy calculator (freeware from will hand you the advantage over any other NL hold poker player sitting at your table. Holdm Poker is all about creating the best game play decisions all of the time at the table. With Holdmradar totally free nolimits texasholdem poker consulting software by your side, when you play, you will maintain the needed information to form the appropriately game decisions at your fingertips. You will be able to regulate the Holdemradar texas hold em poker strategies calculator freeware to reflect the playing style you desire. If you are playing loose or tight, RadarHoldem will instruct you precisely what you require to perform as your next move happens. Concurrent arithmetical probability calculation and a simple data of how to play poker hands are a must to the online hold poker player.

Consequently the upcoming event you wish to bet texas holdm, I suggest you get by your side the Holdem Radar hold poker strategy calculator to watch your back while making sure you will be playing merely on successful moves.

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Is there any poker tracker type tool I can use with cake poker?

Sunday, February 21, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 9:26 pm
batmanisblack24 asked:

this is like an analyzing tool but it is only good for Full Tilt and some others. Anyone know one I can use with cake poker/

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Is it safe to deposit money on full tilt poker?

Monday, February 15, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 1:19 am
itz_me_33 asked:

Is it completely safe for me to use my debit card for full tilt poker? Does my card number stay in the system or what happens? Please let me know, thanks!

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Texas Holdem Rules And Strategies

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 11:46 pm
Imteaz Ahmed asked:

The Texas Holdem game begins with the dealer shuffling a standard deck of 52 cards. In online casinos, however, the dealer does not play. Instead, a dealer button, which moves clockwise from player to player with each hand, indicates which player would be the dealer if the deal were advanced from player to player as the game progresses.

Now, two players to the immediate left of the dealer put a predefined amount of money in the pot before the cards are dealt so that there will be something to game for in the subsequent hands. These bets are called the blind. Usually, the first player to the immediate left of the dealer posts a blind called the first blind – that is equal to half the minimum bet amount. The second blind, posted by the second player to the left of the dealer (if he indeed posts the bet) will be the full minimum bet amount.

After the blinds are posted, two down cards are dealt to the players, and the betting begins. A round of betting starts from the player to the left of the one who had posted the blind. The other players can call/raise/fold when it is their turn to bet. Once the first round of betting is completed, the dealer drops the top card from the deck in order to pre-empt the possibility that someone might have sneaked a peek of it. The next three cards on the deck are then flipped face up on the table, called the flop.

After the flop, another betting round begins from the player to the left-hand side of the dealer. In this and all future betting rounds, other players can call, raise or fold when their respective turn comes. Next is fourth street during when the dealer issues one more community card the fourth community card – face up on the table. This is usually done after burning the card on top of the deck in order to prevent cheating. Fourth street is followed by a third betting round, starting from the player to the immediate left hand side of the dealer.

The dealer drops another card before placing the final and fifth community card on the table, face up. This face up card is named the fifth street or the river. Players can now use the seven cards available the five community cards and the two hole cards to form the best five card poker hand. The last round of Texas Holdem betting starts from the player to the left side of the dealer, as earlier. After the betting, players who are still in the game reveal their hands, in what is called the show down. The one who had made the initial bet or the one who had made the final raise reveals his hand first. As the other players also reveal their hands in turn, the one with the best hand is adjudged the winner.

In the showdown, if the best five-card hand is formed using all the community cards, and does not include any hole cards, the player would only get a share of the pot. On the other hand, if two or more players have the equal hand, as per the poker rules, then the pot is split between them. As another possibility, if two players have the best five-card hand, formed with the help of less than five cards, the Texas Holdem poker rules insist that the winner be decided on the basis of kicker (the cards that are not part of the winning combination).

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No Limit Texas Holdem Starting Hands

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 8:00 pm
IC asked:

Today’s most popular form of poker which has taken over online communities as well as off line is called Texas holdem poker, so if you want in on the poker scene then it’s important to know how to play this popular variation of the game “holdem”. Fortunately, part of the reason that this poker variation is so popular is because it is very easy to learn to play. But don’t let this last premise fool you, though, you will still need to practice constantly in order to acquire the skill and experience to get really good at this fun game.

When it comes to Texas holdem, its “strategy” is often thought of as hard to learn. But when you have experienced poker players to learn tips and tricks from it becomes a lot easier. If you do not know any good texas holdem poker players then you can hit the web and get to a poker focused community start discussing! Many of the more advanced tips and lessons you see online today for Texas holdem have been written by semi professional or even professional poker players from around the globe. It is important for a player to remember that this poker variation and in fact all variations of poker are a very calculated through mathematical theories. So through out the time you are participating in any poker related game you will need to know basic strategies that are going to help you make the most money by improving your odds without thinking too much about it.

Limit hold ’em vs No limit holdem

There are two big variations on texas holdem poker, limit and no limit holdem. In limit hold ’em, there are set amounts that a player can raise at any one time when it comes to betting, the rules which regulate the betting rounds change as well which can take place during each round of play.

On the other hand, no limit holdem has no rules which caps or regulates the amount of bets. Wagers increase by any amount up to the point when all players have either called the hand or folded. This is the variation of the game in which all-ins are frequent, and where skill comes to the forefront, this particular variation of the game is very popular and it’s often seen in TV shows such as the “World Poker Tour” It’s also very important to be patient in this type of Poker holdem game; it is often seen that a lot of “newbies” are very fond of going all-in all the time, and if you’re playing online with fun money this can be a real pain in the neck. It is recommend that while playing no limit holdem you approach and enter tables where once the table has been set, no one else is allowed in.

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Texas Holdem: 4 Betting Structures Explained

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 8:31 am
Jack Reider asked:

Even though the United States have made it illegal to gamble online, poker keeps on gaining popularity through the different tournaments that are shown on television such as the World Series of Poker by ESPN. This created a problematic situation: while players claim that poker is not a game of chance, the US government decided that it is.

For a few weeks, panic erupted in the poker world as rumors spread like bushfires that this ban would stop all tournaments. But this proved to be untrue. In fact, because of the online gambling ban, the popularity of tournaments only increased. And in most of these tournaments, the favored game is Texas Holdem.

This article focuses on those planning to take what was once their online casino pastime to a poker tournament close by. You will need to follow some basic betting structures, and we describe these for you. Even if they seem difficult to follow, don’t worry. Just practice these at home with friends and you will soon learn the flow of these wagering structures.

Note: Remember that all the games rely on a basic maximum and minimum wager, and all the betting structures should be understood accordingly. Keep in mind that each game has a set limit that is fixed before the game commences. Once begun, the limit remains unchanged until the end. Note also that the tournament organizers or the casinos are those that decide these limits.

1) Structured Wagering Limit:

This means that there are two limits you play to. During the first two rounds, you place wagers according to the lower sum, and then you start betting according to the higher amount set. When you find a game called according to two amounts such as 4/8 dollar limit, then, it means that this game will be played according to the structured wager. Another thing to remember when entering such poker games is that you can only place four wagers each round and not one more.

2) Spread Limit Wager:

Here, you are free to place wagers in a pre-set range and you don’t have to place fixed bets. When you find that the limit is within a range then it means that you have found a game that will be played according to the spread limit. Examples are games which can be played between a range of twenty to a hundred dollars. Note that such games do turn out to be expensive because some might bet according to the high limit. Another variation of the spread limit bet is to have a range of four wagers. What this means is that there is a certain amount you can bet for the round before the flop, for the round on the flop, and on the round after the flop and a certain amount for the river.

3) Basic Pot Limit Bet:

In such Texas Holdem games labeled as being played according to the basic pot limit, what it means is that you can place wagers anywhere between the amount that is the big blind and the total size of the game pot. Here too, take note that games such as these can result in high cash pots.

4) No Limit Betting:

This is the one version that pulls in the high rollers from all over. Here, there is not limit at all one how much you wager or raise. Note that unless you are a high-roller or unless you have a tremendous amount of experience playing Texas Holdem at tournaments, stay clear of such games.

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