Best Online Poker Play?

Sunday, May 30, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 8:34 pm
JoeyStyles asked:

I have many poker sites on my computer (Doyles Room, Full Tilt, UltimateBet, Poker Stars, and Paradise Poker. Which one of these is best in your opinion, if none, then which one?

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Free Texas Holdem

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 2:30 am
Catt asked:

If you want to learn how to play poker then why not play free Texas Holdem online with one of our exclusive no deposit bonuses? Free Holdem poker is one of the liveliest and most exciting ways to learn how to play poker. It is also the most popular version of poker in the world, so there will be no shortage of competitors of varying skill to play against. All of the major online poker sites offer free Texas Hold Em poker, so why not go over to our listings and reviews section and sign up today?

Free Texas Holdem poker is also fairly simple to learn and many of the major poker sites offer hints and tips on how to improve your game. Once you have learnt the basics you can constantly improve through practice, practice, practice! For free Holdem poker, simply sign up to one of the excellent poker sites, download their simple to use software and enter our bonus code for your free no deposit bonus. Nothing could be simpler. The no deposit bonuses offered through this site vary depending on the poker gaming company you choose, but range from $25 to $50.

Once you have played free Texas Hold Em poker for a while to get the hang of the game, you can always make a deposit yourself and play to win. LTD Poker also offers some amazing deposit bonuses to increase your poker bankroll and give you more of a chance to win. As you will have already got used to playing this universally loved game through your free Texas Holdem matches, winning should be easy, if you play your cards right!

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Texas Holdem Rules – Know the Rules and Start Winning Today!

Sunday, May 9, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 9:47 pm
Sean Moronse asked:

Texas Holdem is fast gaining popularity right now, and you can see its popularity not just on poker tournaments but also online as well. A significant number of online poker sites and rooms offer Holdem games. With its popularity booming, the pots and prizes for this card game continue to increase as well. And with that, it seems that it will be an exciting experience to join the hundreds and the thousands of players who play this variation of poker online. But before you get carried away, it’s important that a proper understanding of the game should be made in order to optimize your chances. Perhaps now is the time to check out the Texas Holdem rules.

Knowing the Texas Holdem rules is important in order to fully relish this card game and to ensure future winnings as well. The objective of this card game is to make the best five card poker hand using the two cards at hand that can be combined with the five community cards placed on the table. Game moves clockwise and a button is present and this button will tell who has the dealer position.

If you want to know the Texas Holdem rules, it is imperative as well to check out the many terms used in this card game. One term that you need to know is the blind. Often two players will force bet and these are known as blinds. The deal is the process of dealing each player with two hole cards and it is the objective of the game to combine the two cards with the five cards that is placed on the table. The first round of betting will happen right after the deal. The first one to make the move is the one to the left of the big blind. And that person has three options; he can fold, call or even raise. If he decides to call, then he needs to pay an equal amount to the big blind. Raise is simply increasing the amount of money. For the succeeding rounds, the players still has these three options.

The flop is another term that should be understood well and this happen right after the first round of betting. The second round of betting will be started by the player to the left of the dealer. He has the option to fold, to bet or even check. The check means you stay on the hand without betting and will suspend decision until the next turn. Another term that should be remembered in line with Texas Holdem rules is the third round of betting. This round is the same to the previous one but with one rub; when it’s the limit games the fixed bet should be doubled and will remain that way until the final round. The river and the fifth street are dealt face up and that’s followed by the fourth round of betting.

All the Texas Holdem rules lead to the showdown; that’s where the cards are revealed and the person who’s cards are of the highest value wins it all. If two players share the honors, then pot will be split.

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Playing Texas Holdem as a Beginner

Saturday, May 8, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 5:56 am
Amrendra Kr. Singh asked:

If you are a beginner then Texas Holdem can be a good start in poker game hobby. Many of you just fear from the complexity and always remain in search for a simpler playing option. Since poker game has become one of the most desired recreational options, you too might not be intact with such a fascinating game. There are numerous options for your take a ride of poker game with its various games. But only the simpler and naïve form of game can fit your bill here. Sticking to old saying that a well begin is half done it is sure that Texas Holdem can be the best choice their for your better and longer poker riding.

 Unlike in Omaha high or 7 card stud which entail for much complexity, Texas Holdem is quite simpler to understand in very less time. Merely knowing some basics of the game and spending a couple of hours seeing others, you can come to play as an expert.


Basics of the game


Since betting is common to all poker games you will first curious about knowing this option here. The betting structure in Texas Holdem is very simple and it starts always with players left to the dealer one. The betting amount is predetermined and starters bet without seeing their hands. A full deck of card is used in this game which is shuffled by the dealer and is dealt two cards face down to each player. Often players call these hands hole or pocket cards. Betting of the first round or after the dealing of pocket cards starts with the player left of those two blind betters. The betting structure is not always constant and can vary with the decisions taken by the players. Depending upon the need they can call, raise, or even fold the betting options.

 Once the betting is finished, the dealer pick out the top card from the bulk cards to skip any kind of cheating and then take out three cards from the top face up. These are the cards which can be taken one at a time to make best combination with the two one dealt in beginning by any of the players. These three cards are often called as flop.

 The next betting round starts from the person left to the dealer. And again the dealer flip one card from the remaining card slots and pick another slot of three to provide the players a chance to make poker hand of 5 cards picking any two out of them.

 Now in every further round the betting starts one left to the dealers and finally dealer burns one card from the available bulk and face up the remaining. This is moment now players make their final hands with a combination of their pocket cards and community cards. These final hands are then show off completely that is commonly know as shown down in this game. The players who shows the best hand wins the game. Often players with equal hands share the winnings also depending upon their choices.

 No doubt, this information can help you understand the game better but to be a good player you better start playing the game once getting the game. This game is much

Common and can be played offline and online both. The offline places are most common and you have experience of it either in casinos or at home. Another form or the online playing too is getting pace with the increasing trend for it. Now a number of online poker rooms are available which offer great entertainment and give you the chance to play completely in casino environment even sitting from your home.

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Texas Holdem Rules – How To Win Cash Games Online

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 9:44 pm
Sean Moronse asked:

How to play texas holdem is a burning question many hungry poker players ask when starting out in the online poker world. Online texas holdem is one of the largest and most profitable games on the internet and with the right strategy you will be able to profit tremendously. The first thing you need to do if your new to poker is play free online texas holdem until you get a good feel for the style of texas holdem online. The worst thing you can do is deposit money and jump right into playing cash games. This could cause you to go on tilt and lose tons of money and get discouraged and never play online poker again.

Once you get the feel of playing free holdem texas games, it is now time to deposit money and play holdem limit low winning stakes. Here is the texas holdem poker strategy that I used which worked like a charm.

1. Start out on full tilt poker or poker stars with a deposit of $50.00

2. You will receive a 100% deposit bonus, so theoretically you will be starting with 100 bucks.

3. Start out in the .05/.10 blinds, trying to build your chip stack

4. Keep a record on how you did each session, try to limit it to an hour a session and see how much money you made in that hour.

By using these 4 poker tips when starting out, you will increase your winnings tremendously. Cash games can be stressful but with the right discipline it can be one of the most profitable games ever. The key to winning is NOT going on tilt. Being able to walk away from the computer and take a break without losing all your money separates pro’s from newbies. Learning how to stay disciplined and calculating your texas holdem poker odds will greatly help you increase your winnings also.

Bankroll management is also another crucial component of you being a successful online poker player. Playing at the right stakes and the right competitors will make your pockets full. Playing the wrong stakes and the wrong competitors will break your pockets and cause you to lose, not only lose, but lose in a hurry! If you want to play outside your bankroll please just stick to texas holdem arcade or free texas holdem games. Real money just isn’t for you. I grew up watching Doyle Brunson throughout the years and he no doubt has shaped my game today. By reading his books I was also able to turn my game around early in my career. There is no need to go out and buy a holdem assistant or any other texas holdem tool that will help your game. The only thing you need to know is how to make a stable income playing cash games online. There are so many lousy players, you need to capitalize and take money! Good luck at the poker tables and may the poker gods be with you!

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Online Texas Holdem-Learn How to Consistently Win Today!

Sunday, May 2, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 4:30 am
Sean Moronse asked:

Texas Holdem is one of the more popular variations of the game poker. There are two types of Texas Holdem poker – the limit and the no limit type. For beginners and safe players, the limit Texas Holdem is the safest type to play. On the other hand, risk-takers and more advanced players can venture out into the No Limit Texas Holdem. Whatever you choose to play, you can do so right at the comfort of your very own home with online Texas Holdem.

As with other forms of gambling, the end goal of playing online Texas Holdem is to win. Even better is to win at online Texas Holdem consistently. You then ask the question on how you will be able to do that. The answer is simple and is mentioned below as tips to improving your game in order to consistently win in online Texas Holdem.

You will not win if you are not familiar with how the game is played and what its unspoken rules are. Therefore, you must keep on reading articles and tips on how to play Texas Holdem with the greatest potential of winning. With research, you do not only get this information but it will also tell you the ways that other players are playing their game. This is important so that you can take note of how your opponents are making their calls and adjust yours accordingly.

Second tip to win in online Texas Holdem is to constantly practice. The process of practicing and playing the same game over and over can become quite a bore but it is important so that you will build on your cognitive skills which will enable you to become a better player. Fast and intelligent thinking is needed in poker and with practice this will just come automatic to you. Some will suggest playing free games online as practice and while this can help a bit, it is not very wise to do so always since other players in the same game can bluff all they want because there is nothing at stake.

Aside from constant practice, you have to be persistent when playing the game. You must not give up right away because there are lessons to be learned with every game lost. You can also check out other better players and observe how they won the particular game. But since the games are done online, you must secure permission from the player you will observe if it is okay for him for you to do so. You can even practice by predicting what the other players have in their hands while checking out the better player. When you are able to predict this correctly, then you are on your way to winning in online Texas Holdem.

Of course, since Texas Holdem is still poker, you must be able to correctly bluff your way out while stepping up on the stakes. Higher stakes may equal higher risks but it also equals higher amount of pot money. One final thing, take advantage of any loophole that a player will create in his own game so that you will gain in the end.

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Online Poker for Real Money?

Saturday, May 1, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 1:57 pm
Bignuts808 asked:

I know about the law that passed and everything but I understand that there were some sites that still allowed online poker play such as poker stars, mansion, full tilt and absolute poker. However, mansion now follows the law, I can’t find the real money section on poker stars, I can’t make a deposit on full tilt when I press the cashier button, and absolute poker is confusing. Did the law catch up with all of the online poker sites now?

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Texas Holdem Pre-flop Tips – a 7 Step Guide to Winning the Big Pots!

Friday, April 30, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 11:51 pm
Sacha Tarkovsky asked:

You need to play carefully in Texas holdem pre-flop if you want to win get your pre-flop right and you can drop out when you have no chance of winning and stay in when you do.

Here are some Texas holdem pre-flop tips to help you win and win big!

Texas Holdem Pre-flop Tip 1 – Number of Players

Firstly, you need to consider the number of players at the table.

For example, with 10 players for example, there is a better chance of someone having a good hand, than in games with fewer players.

Players need to be more conservative and less aggressive larger games as more players mean the odds of you having the best hand decrease.

Texas Holdem pre-flop Tip 2 – Players Playing Style

Look at all the other players and how they are playing their hands. Adapt your strategy accordingly to take them on and beat them.

If you see a player is raising every hand pre-flop, you need to be playing tighter.

You can then remove them from the table when you have a good enough hand in the pocket pre-flop.

Texas Holdem pre-flop Tip 3 – Your Chips

If you only have a small number of chips play carefully and select one hand to bet on, hoping to get as many players involved as possible for a good size pot.

In reverse if you have a large amount of chips, you can afford to take the higher-risk higher payout bets and play in amore aggressive style as you have the bankroll to back you up.

Texas Holdem pre flop Tip 4 – Table Position

It’s a basic fact that players in late positions can influence

the size of the pot more than players in early position and you need to always keep this in mind.

This is critical in the pre-flop period.

If you are in early position you simply have limited idea of what other players have and this should dictate your play.

Players must be cautious when playing hands from early position.

Players in late position can play weaker hands with less fear of loss.

Texas Holdem pre flop Tip 5 – Know the Hands to play

Which hands are most likely to yield a win in pre-flop?

There is a lot of free material that will help you determine the odds, until they become second nature to you, so make use of them playing and calculating the odds in this period is critical.

Tip 6 – Waiting for the right play

Perhaps the most important pre-flop skill to learn is to be patient unemotional and play with discipline waiting for the right hand to play.

This means only playing when the odds are in your favor

You have to beat all the other players and on a table of 10 for example, the statistics will be that your hand is simply not good enough most of the time.

Everyone wants to play for big pots, but if you play too often you will end up a loser.

An advantage of being out of the pot, will mean you can study other players style from a detached point of view to give you valuable information on their playing style, to use against them later!

Texas Holdem pre-flop Tip 7 – Practice

As we all know Texas Holdem is a game of psychology and this starts in pre-flop.

It takes a good deal of practice to master the tips above. They are all easy on paper, but different when you are playing with real money on the line.

Don’t expect overnight results – Practice makes perfect, so play on lower stakes tables and work your way up to harder games as you gain experience.

In time you will be able to implement all the tips above and start to win big in Texas holdem.

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online poker?

Friday, April 30, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 1:28 am
beachgirl3360 asked:

is it really illegal to play poker on places like party poker or full tilt now?? i saw something on the news about it??

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Why are bad hands rewarded constantly, and river suckouts on Full Tilt?

Friday, April 23, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 10:52 am
Gary D asked:

I play in Casino’s throughout Vegas, Louisiana, and New Jersey, and can’t believe how unrealistic the outcomes are on Full Tilt. I’ve written FT and they give me the lame excuse that it’s due to seeing so many more hands online. I say horse dung. FT seems to choose a person and spoonfeed them hand after hand. Their results are far from real. Also, I’ve read some previous comments from FT employees and they say it’s due to bad playing and number of hands. Hogwash. If that’s true, then why do 75% of the people you talk to on FT see the same thing? I only play freeplay as there is no way I’d play for real money after seeing their outlandish outcomes. I wouldn’t dare risk a penny of my money on their site. I guess they feed the bad players to get them lulled into thinking they are good so they will move into real play. I’ve never seen so many terrible hands awarded with a 5% chance suckout. I have no intention of playing their Lotto Poker for real money. How many others see this?

Poker is boring

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