Is it safe to deposit money on full tilt poker?

Monday, February 15, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 1:19 am
itz_me_33 asked:

Is it completely safe for me to use my debit card for full tilt poker? Does my card number stay in the system or what happens? Please let me know, thanks!

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  1. Full Tilt Bonus Code

    I am not exactly sure how the transactions are proceeded for obvious reasons, but its completely safe. Its the best poker site and so far noone gave negative feedback and there are thousands of players playing there.

  2. Jason S says:

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    Yes I have never heard of any problems from Fulltilt but I am not exactly sure how they store your information though. If you are from the US you more than likely will not be able to use your debit card anyway. If you are from the US and want to check out your deposit/withdrawal options, reviews and bonuses check out my site.

  3. James Punter says:

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    Yes, make sure it is the true website.

  4. Daniel says:

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    unless your phil ivey or the mouth or people that play 500/1000, you are being hacked.

    go play some live poker, trust me mate.

    -Poker Pro-

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  5. Robert says:

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    In principle very, very Safe.

    My experience – played for about a year on a new user ID and then got a message that I had an old user id from about a year ago ( was stagnate and not being used ) and that this violated rules.

    They then kindly transferred my $ to the new one. I was mad that they didn’t transfer my bonus points and went off on them in an email. I made the mistake of saying something line “I shouldn’t be playing so much anyway, if you don’t give me what’s mine, I’ll take my addictive personality elsewhere”

    They immediately shut down my account, referred me to Gamblers Anonymous and HERE’S AN ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION

    would not refund money to my debit card. Said I had to write them a letter asking for my $1,100.00 back in the form of a check in $.. where I’m in the UK in pounds. ???? = major hassle

    in the end, after a few re-assuring emails from me that i was joking… they did give my my money via debit card…

    but moral is “be nice” / “once they have your money, they have it until you get it back”

  6. Rocky says:

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    As per our observation Full Tilt Poker is a total professional site & they take care of everything from keeping your money transactions secure from online frauds till the best Gaming experience. Yes, your card number stays in their system.

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