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Ron Perkins asked:

It’s very easy to start playing poker online. If you’re not used to playing poker then it’s worth playing for free to get a feel of playing online. Most poker sites will allow you to play with play money, making Texas Holdem a fun game to play without you risking any money.

Once you have downloaded and installed a poker client you will be asked to enter some personal details such as your name. Once registered you’re ready to play. It’s as simple as that!

Playing poker at the play money tables can be fun, however you will notice that most players will stay in until the end of each hand; playing no matter what cards they are holding. Remember that in a game where nobody has anything to lose then people will play carelessly.

Basic Poker Strategy

If you’re new to playing poker, or maybe you have been playing for a while but keep losing then this article will help you to get on track to make huge poker profits.

Keep it simple when you start playing, trying to stick to a complex poker strategy can be difficult and lead you to make expensive mistakes. Maybe you can recall mistakes you have already made at the poker table?

Maybe you have been so focused on your pocket Aces that you missed the obvious straight draw on the board! To avoid missing these obvious mistakes you should invest in buying one of the many Poker Odds Calculators that are available which will alert you to these situations.

Where is the money?

It’s worth staying at the lower limit tables to start with, basically people here don’t know poker odds and will play any cards they have. Don’t believe me? Then simply watch a game at a 1 to 2 dollar table. Most people will be calling and rising, do they all have good cards each round? I doubt it!

People at this level are a lot more like gamblers than seasoned poker players. Sure you will get a few people who know what they are doing, but on the whole it’s easy pickings for you when you have a Poker Odds Calculator giving you the odds! It’s like having a seasoned poker pro on hand to alert you to profit making opportunities.

You don’t have to play many hands, in fact you will be folding a lot of hands, but people at this level simply do not notice or care what you’re doing, they are just playing for the current hand. When you’re playing at a table, just watch what each person is doing and you will soon be able to predict when people have an Ace or a pair etc. it will be just how they are betting.

Now at the higher table limits other people will be watching how you play, but at this level the odds are low that people are watching what you do. This allows you to steam in with a strong drawing hand and get action. Just one hand will pay for a Poker Odds Calculator.

The point I’m making is that at low level limit poker you don’t have to be deceptive, as people are not paying attention and generally they will be playing with the maxim “Any two cards will win” – Sure 72 off suit can win big. The flop could be 772 giving them a full house, but the chances are small and they will be throwing money in the pot, gambling it away. So by using a Poker Odds Calculator you will soon be smiling at your poker bank account as you win pot after pot.

Getting FREE MONEY at the Poker Table

When you start to play for real money, it’s important to build up a healthy bankroll. An excellent way to do this is to exploit the poker websites and the free money that they offer to sign up to them. So make the most of this when you start on the path to poker riches! Remember that you will have bad days as well as good, so a nice cushion of money to fall back on when the cards are against you is essential.

Playing with real money for the first time

Start by playing on the low-limit tables. A lot of poker rooms have tables offering 50 cent tables or less. Remember that it’s best to start playing on limit tables so you don’t risk all your money on one hand.

When starting, only play the top 10 starting hands recommended by your Poker Odds Calculator. The exception to this is when you’re playing on the big-blind. Once you have gained more experience on the table you will then be ready to play a looser game, but to start with play tight! The basic fact is that if you start with a strong starting hand, then the odds of you winning are high.

Playing Poker for a living

Naturally there are pros and cons to playing poker for a living. I’m sure at some point you have dreamed of quitting your day job and then working from home playing poker; setting your own work times and the number of hours you play a week.

Maybe you make a huge amount one week at the poker table, enabling you to take a well earned break for a few months. Just imagine being able to enjoy a two month break in a tropical location and not having to worry asking your boss if you can have the time off. And let’s face it, who can easily take two months off at a time?

Playing poker at a professional level online allows you to do this, although spending two months lying around might be too much for you! I’m sure you will want to be earning again in no time and with on-line poker you will probably be able to hook up again at the hotel with a laptop!

However, it’s not easy becoming a professional poker player. You will require a bankroll as there will be times when the cards just don’t go your way and you will spend nights folding, folding and yet more folding. You will also need a great deal of discipline, sometimes you will itch for some action and will be willing to play absolute rubbish cards. A disciplined poker mind is to only play when required. Sometimes you need to play rubbish cards to confuse your opponents, but you must not just play them because you’re bored.

Playing poker online can mean playing for long hours and it’s easy to lose focus. This is where a good Poker Odds Calculator is an excellent companion, even for the more experienced player. Sometimes, you just cannot see what’s happening, but having a Poker Odds Calculator will alert you by showing you the winning odds of your hand. When you compare it to the money in the pot, you will be able to determine how you will play your hand and take the pot time after time.

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