Texas Holdem Poker – Learn How to Become a Profitable Sit-N-Go Player

Monday, March 22, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 12:39 pm
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If you never experience how it feels to play Sit n Go tournament then you better watch out since you are probably missing out one of the sweetest part of playing Texas Holdem online. By means of playing Sit n Go tournament, money is not the only thing you can reap from your success but you will as well get the chance to taste intense happiness which makes the game a major stress buster.

Playing Sit n Go is very much comparable to physically playing at the final table on a big tournament. If you know the trick, you can even say goodbye to the boring process of playing for hours just to have the chance to reach the final table. Sit n Go can right ahead bring you to the final table in no time. If you want to join other outstanding players of the game then you definitely should give some time to read the guidelines listed below:

1. Don’t Eat more than what you can Chew: Stop Playing with So Many Hands

The most common fault that players would do in playing Texas hold em is that they would engage in a play with so many hands. If you simply begin with the best hand then there is a big possibility that you will end up with also the best hand. If however you try to play with two cards with aim of flopping something worthy then you’ll only end up being the second best which may lead for you to pay off your opponents a lot. And even though you fail to make any hand, the chips will only bleed away given that you will recompense your missed flops thus you are not going to have enough during the moment when you finally hit.

2. Struggle to have a Second Level Thinking

Don’t aim to put your hand in a vacuum. Given that you possess a flush, although there is still a high pair on the board and there is this aggressive opponent who is betting strongly. You should try to mull over the fact that he may have a full house. Just in case a player rises just before the flop then the result leads to three low cards, you must remember the likelihood that he is trying to bet in high cards and end up missing even if what you really have is not that strong.

3. Go for Third Level Thinking

In playing online Texas holdem, aside from guessing what your opponent possess, just try to think about what he will think about you. Although this is easier said than done, just go on with your aim of putting yourself on the feet of your opponent and imagine what you will think in case you are on his shoes.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Although this is the most common advice that one can suggest, still it is a crucial recommendation that anyone should realize. Take an hour going from one blog to another so you could familiarize the trick.

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