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There are so many Texas holdem tips floating about in the World Wide Web. Some of them can be so convincing that you actually feel like you could take on the world poker champions without any problem at all. You should remember though that these are merely tips; these are not even strategies you could use in the game. Perhaps one of the most rational Texas holdem tips you could get on how to become a winner overnight is to actually understand the very basics of the game.

Poker is relatively easy to understand, as long as you keep your thinking cap on tight. Jumping the gun is a sure-fire way of losing in this game. Memorizing the basic groundwork is still where the money is at – literally speaking. So here is the lowdown:

When it comes to hands, the Royal Flush veritably flushes every other hand away. This is the ultimate trump hand. These are the rest of the winning hands in descending order: Straight Flush, 4 Of A Kind, Boat or Full House, Flush, Straight, Three Of A Kind, 2 Pair, 1 Pair and the High Card hand. If you do not know what these hands are… you have to do your research. You cannot possibly hope to win at the table not knowing what these terms are, or much less, how to put these hands together.

One of the best Texas holdem tips when it comes to betting on a good hand is to make sure that you slowly, slowly bet and only under conservative measures. If you are very confident that you can win with your board, betting (or rather increasing the pool of bets) becomes a battle of wits with the other remaining players. You have to at least convince the other player(s) that your set of cards may not be a trump hand at all, and that you are merely bluffing. The worst thing you could do is to give your winning hand away by betting everything you have got right at the very start of the game. Some players may even consider this very poor form indeed, since it takes away the momentum of the game.

Another one of the better (not exactly recommended for all) Texas holdem tips is to work on your poker face. Yes, it sounds cliché, but it works nonetheless. The less emotion you show, the better your chances are off pulling off either a wonderfully laid out hand or a bluffing your way out of a very bad deal. Mind also your nervous mannerisms; other players do not only read cards, but they also read card players. If you are playing with a couple of pros, you can be assured that your slightest movements like scratching the tip of your nose or knitting your brows, or even clearing your throat will be accounted for.

Less is more, as they say, and this is one of the most ingenious Texas holdem tips if you are only starting out. Once you have mastered your reactions, then you can turn the table around and study the other players for their nervous mannerisms.

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