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Texas Holdem is a very popular poker game played in the casinos of North America. How do you play Texas Holdem Strategy? It is a card game played between 2 – 11 players with a 52 card deck. Two cards (pocket cards) are dealt one after one, face down, starting with the dealer. Then comes the betting followed by “the flop”, or the dealer serving three “community” cards in the middle of the table. Betting occurs again. “The turn” or the fourth community card is dealt out next. It is time for betting to occur again. The last community card is turned out called “the river”, following which betting occurs for the last time. This leads to a showdown.

It is imperative to know how to play Texas Holdem Strategy before you begin to play it. Any player can “fold” and leave at any point of the game, forfeiting his entire bet. Starting from the person who betted first, all the players show their cards one by one. Each one is allowed to use his two pocket cards and the five community cards to make the best 5-card. “The board plays” when all five community cards make the best hand, and the pot is equally shared then.

At the beginning of the game, two persons sitting to the immediate left of the dealer place the “small blind” and the “big blind” in the pot. While betting, a player can choose to fold, call or raise. The player, who stays till the end of the game and has the best hand, wins the pot.

Texas Holdem Strategy

Bluffing is probably the of the best Texas Holdem Strategy. When you Bluff, you try to make your opponents think that you’ve got a better hand then you really do.

Slow-playing is another strategy in which a player bets weakly even when he holds a strong hand.

Position of the players around the table is another factor contributing to their win or loss. How approach play Texas Holdem Strategy if you are seated at a later position with respect to the dealer? In fact, this is an advantage to the player. He has time to assess his opponents and play accordingly.

Raising is an almost sure way to winning even if you do not know too much about Texas Holdem Strategy. Sometimes, it leads to opponents folding soon, and always it leads to a larger pot to win. If it results in calling by the opponents, the player can gain insight into the strength of his rivals. Calling sensibly can be another strategy to win. He gets to see more cards and also by “smooth calling”, he can lure his opponents to “over call” thereby increasing the pot amount.

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