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Saturday, May 1, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 1:57 pm
Bignuts808 asked:

I know about the law that passed and everything but I understand that there were some sites that still allowed online poker play such as poker stars, mansion, full tilt and absolute poker. However, mansion now follows the law, I can’t find the real money section on poker stars, I can’t make a deposit on full tilt when I press the cashier button, and absolute poker is confusing. Did the law catch up with all of the online poker sites now?

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  1. Jaden Y says:

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    I Saw The News A Few Days Ago That This Lady Was Playing A She Won A lot Of Money I Don’t Know If She Got arrested So Don’t play Online Poker Thats Against The Law

  2. John says:

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    It can still be done but it’s illegal. Try instead of .net. Most credit cards won’t pay online gambling sites so it’s not totally easy to start an account.

  3. MandyH says:

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    Ya.. a couple months ago my online poker site was shut down due to the new law that US can’t gamble online. *Which I feel should be our right, to gamble or not to gamble online* They are really starting to ***** down on online gambling sites in the US. They literally pulled my site off in a manner of days. They did open a new site however it was terrible for poker so I don’t even want to recommend it.

    Good luck with finding one, it will be difficult.

  4. Article Posting

    on poker stars make sure your at not net.
    I’m still playing on all the sites. theres also a new one out there. It’s called and they give you $10.00 free no deposit. the bad thing about that site, not very many players. You can checkout the sites at some of the sportbooks also have poker tables that excepts U.S players.

  5. sincity usa says:

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    John is right some of the sites are different, .net and .com are two different sites. One is there play money site and the other is real money site. You also can’t use netteller anymore, but there are other sites like netteller that you can still use to fund your account. Also money orders can be used to fund your poker account although it very slow to post to your account.

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    well i think your problem might be the your POPUP Blocker must be on – you have to turn your popup blocker OFF. that may help you – oooooooook

  7. gnrwar says:

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    It definitely sounds like you’re using the .net download and not the .com’s. Check on that.

    It’s also very scary to see the misinformation that is being passed around here… Playing online poker is NOT illegal (unless you live in the state of Washington – there is no federal law that makes playing online poker against the law). The new law that was passed is directed towards banks, and making it against the law for THEM to do money transfers to gambling sites. Getting money onto the sites is getting tricky (as someone said, Netteller is not an option anymore, but epassporte is as well as others – check the specific sites for what payment processors they accept), but as far as you getting in trouble with the law, you have nothing to worry about.

    Sites like Party and Paradise pulled out of the US market because of pressure from their stockholders. They are publicly traded. It’s not because they are afraid of the US coming to get them. Netteller stopped US business because one of their execs was arrested in the US. He was arrested for tax evasion, not because his company was doing business with the US! Doyle’s Room and other sites that don’t use their own software (Titan, Hollywood, etc.) didn’t have a choice because it was their software companies that pulled out of the US for the same reason as Party, Paradise and others. Full Tilt, Stars, and others that are still available to US players aren’t publicly owned. They don’t use someone elses software. They do their own thing. That’s why they’re still available to the US players (and flourishing I might add).

    Figure out how to get money on a site, and play away. I recommend Full Tilt.

  8. wi_mike says:

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    If you live in the USA the law actually varies from state to state. Some states have passed their own laws about on-line gambling and poker. having said that the Federal law does NOT outlaw on line poker rooms-it does not make it illegal you a person to play on line poker if it is legal in your state or district. The law make it somewhat illegal for banks, credit card merchants, etc. to transfer monies back and forth to conduits that were used to transfer the money to the poker rooms thereby just about killing the game.
    Let me also say many aspects of this law still fall in the gray area-not cut and dry. Hope this helps a little as it is most confusing to many of us.

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    This one still works for me. It has a casino and sportsbook.

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