Cheaters On Online Poker?

Thursday, October 8, 2009 posted by sunnyboy 6:25 am
Robs asked:

With an employee of Absolute Poker making millions by being able to see everyones cards and only accidentally being caught, could all poker sites have cheaters like these on their sites such as Poker Stars, Full Tilt ect. And also since most sites are based offshore almost impossible to catch these cheats?

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6 Responses to “Cheaters On Online Poker?”

  1. Slap & Chop says:

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    There is no way I would trust playing on sort of gambling on line except sports wagering. They are too many ways to cheat.

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    It is possible, but highly unlikely. The Absolute Scandal was uncovered because someone couldn’t keep their mouth shut. All it takes is a disgruntled employee to blow the lid on unscrupulous activity. I’ve even read a former FTP employee spilling some trade secrets after being fired right here on Answers (though it had nothing to do with cheating or things of this nature). People just can’t shut up!

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    They are offshore for you but not for me. I dont know why you connect everything with USA.I can say the same for something that is based on USA if I wanted. And no, there are no cheaters in online poker. The sites win from rakeback, not from your losses.

  4. misterlucky says:

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    what part of the word “GAMBLING’ don’t you understand?

  5. Keith S says:

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    Eh, thats why I play at lower stakes tables. If someone is going to take the risk of getting caught cheating they arent gonna do it to make $100.

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