Are poker calculators illegal?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 posted by sunnyboy 2:04 am
Jon Michael S asked:

Are programs like Hold em Indicator forbidden in Full Tilt and Party Poker? The Hold em Indicator website says its acceptable, but Full Tilt has a vague policy about “robot” programs being prohibited…?

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  1. Poker Affiliates

    Yes, and no, mostly no. The few BOTS that have been tried are not only not profitable, they are also banned from a few of the major poker sites. Some other, smaller poker sites however, don`t care what software you use while playing them.

    Poker sites can also determine if you are using such software because when you download a site, like let’s say Poker Stars, you will have to agree to their user terms, and in those terms, they have the permission to scan your ENTIRE computer and ALL drives.

    You mentioned Holdem Indicator which is surely NOT a bot, and yes it is allowed on every site I know of. Read the different classifications of poker calculators here:

    Which also includes the information about which poker assist software is banned by such poker sites. The strictest of all poker sites, Poker Stars has a page that clearly shows Holdem Indicator, Tournament Indicator, Omaha Indicator and quite a few others are allowed:

  2. Poker Slump

    calculators are ok to keep track of your stats its automatic players they are talking about

  3. da_hal says:

    Poker Slump

    as a rule of thumb, anything that gives you information you could get by sitting at a table is legal, e.g. if the calculator only shows tendencies of players who you’ve played with at that session. anything that gives you information not readily available by sitting there (e.g. sharkscope) is illegal.

  4. ZCT says:

    Mansion Poker Bonus

    There is nothing illegal about poker calculators. Similarly, they are not even against site rules.

    The issue online poker sites have is with people cheating or using automated programs to play on behalf of a human player.

    Using a calculator is basically a computerized way of doing the kind of calculations that professional players can easily approximate in their head. It’s not really cheating, you still have to make a decision what to do with the information.

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