starryeyed asked:

WOW I know this is stereotyping, but on Full Tilt, I could swear that the mean-looking cats are almost always among the best players at the table, very conservative, etc.
Anyone else have similar perceptions?

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3 Responses to “Anyone who plays poker online think that some avatar characters play certain ways?”

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    rme, one of mine is a Pirate…….and I do steal an awful lot of money………look like a pussycat, probably play like one…………

  2. bigsky_52 says:

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    I’ve found that the boxer avatar tends to be chosen by more aggressive people, while the maniacs often choose the donkey.

    I play more on PokerStars now, where you get to choose your own avatar. And what people choose tells a lot about them. The thing to remember is that people are trying to influence your behavior with what they pick. If it’s super scary, like a death’s head, be ready for aggression, whether they’re loose or tight. Those players will bluff more, and want you to fold. If it’s supposed to be calming, like a picture of their baby, play fewer pots with them. They want your calls. These are stereotypes, but I’ve found that a guy who has a sports team avatar is usually just playing for fun, guys who have pictures of well known poker players think they’re better than they are, and a picture of a hot girl as an avatar is a red flag. It’s usually a guy, and he usually wants you think he’s some ditzy *****. Always ask yourself what someone is trying to get you to do or think, and then do the opposite.

  3. Mark F says:

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    Psychology does play a part in poker. It is possible that better players choose certain avatars. It would be safe to say that certain avatars draw certain personalities. Sometimes people choose exactly the opposite of their playing style.

    People who choose sharks, might actually be donkeys in disguise.

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