What are Americans doing to recover their right to play poker online?

Thursday, July 7, 2011 posted by sunnyboy 6:50 am
Christina W asked:

I live in the uk and have made a lot of friends around the world playing poker online and I’m starting to miss my American friends. I don’t claim to know much about the American legal system but it would seem that with all the outrage I’ve seen expressed online about that stupid law more would be done to try to get things changed. It seems to me that every American poker player should be appart of the Poker Players Alliance especially since sites like Full Tilt are offering incentives like a $2500 free roll just for joining. So I ask again what are American poker players doing to recover their rights and is their anything a girl from accross the pond can do? If you are ready to step up here is a link to Full Tilt one of the few places I can still play poker online with my American Friends http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/?key=MDAwMDFERUIwMDAwNDJCRDIwQjI0MDkxMDAwMDAwMDA-

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  1. pokercoach says:

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    I play poker for a living, I’m originally from Europe, but live in a US for several years now. I play between 20 to 60hrs a week online, on several site open for US players. Yes, It’s tough for us right now, but you can still find millions of American playing online.

    The best way to support our game is to show your disagreement, and you mention it: by joining the PPA.

    I suggest every US player do to the same thing and fight to preserve the game, and their right.

    Take care

  2. onlyhuman says:

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    Joining tournements at the local bar.

  3. DarkWolf says:

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    I can’t speak for other Americans but here is what I’m doing and recommend other do. First, stay informed. It’s important to know who your friends and enemies are with this issue. Websites like and are good sources. Second, be politically active. Call and write your representatives and senators. Let them know you vote and how you feel about the issues. Join the Poker Player’s Alliance, donate whatever you can afford both in time and money as they are working to get a “skill exemption” for poker written into the law (The free roll you mentioned in your question is great deal btw). Third, support the poker sites that support American players. Eventually things will change and sites like Party Poker will be open to US residents again but why should we support them when they abandoned us so quickly. The Modern Grinder’s featured sites are all poker rooms that have committed to taking a stand and welcome American poker player’s with open arms. I’ve listed some links below for your convenience.

  4. Sanjay M says:

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    The PPA is the top lobbying organization for the online poker industry. Contributing to them is the best way to directly help.

    In terms of keeping on top of news, Card Player is one of the best sources.

    Both of these sites have information about getting involved. I hope more people join the effort.

  5. Scooter says:

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    there’s nothing we really CAN do. our government knows what’s best for us, so we just listen to them.

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