Why are bad hands rewarded constantly, and river suckouts on Full Tilt?

Friday, April 23, 2010 posted by sunnyboy 10:52 am
Gary D asked:

I play in Casino’s throughout Vegas, Louisiana, and New Jersey, and can’t believe how unrealistic the outcomes are on Full Tilt. I’ve written FT and they give me the lame excuse that it’s due to seeing so many more hands online. I say horse dung. FT seems to choose a person and spoonfeed them hand after hand. Their results are far from real. Also, I’ve read some previous comments from FT employees and they say it’s due to bad playing and number of hands. Hogwash. If that’s true, then why do 75% of the people you talk to on FT see the same thing? I only play freeplay as there is no way I’d play for real money after seeing their outlandish outcomes. I wouldn’t dare risk a penny of my money on their site. I guess they feed the bad players to get them lulled into thinking they are good so they will move into real play. I’ve never seen so many terrible hands awarded with a 5% chance suckout. I have no intention of playing their Lotto Poker for real money. How many others see this?

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  1. ZCT says:

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    I don’t agree with you on any level.

    I play low stakes and have won plenty on their site. I have a friend who plays $5/$10 no limit, and $100-$500 tournaments regularly, and he has made tens of thousands of dollars there.

    He has played on many other sites, as have I, and I have seen no ‘unrealistic’ games there or on any other major poker site.

    I’ve seen horrible bad beats in real life, pub poker right up to real Vegas casinos or WSOP circuit events. I’ve seen equally rediculous bad beats on TV, in world class professional events with over a million dollars for the winner.

    To claim that there is some conspiracy where Full Tilt are manipulating the game, is just nonsense. You might just as well argue that aliens run the site.

    It would take at least half a dozen programmers to set something like that up, and a dozen or more staff to be aware of it. What are the odds that not a single one of them would ever become disgruntled and go to the media with proof that the site was rigged? Human nature is such that someone would have blown the whistle by now.

    Just look at what happened with Absolute Poker. Some guy kept winning and within weeks savvy players had spotted it and obtained evidence that one of the owners was getting on a cell phone and telling his buddy what hands other players had. They were caught red handed, astonishingly quickly.

    You are talking about a deliberate scam to defraud customers, and acting like this highway robbery could go on for years without any players noticing, and without any staff members going to the media. Sorry, but I just don’t buy the sophistication of that kind of conspiracy.

    You see more bad beats, because you are seeing more hands. It’s just that simple. But why would you care? You are not even playing real money, so how would you know how real money tables are handled?

  2. arealsexyguy says:

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    I never played live, but – from what i’ve read/heard – the speed live is something like 30 hands per hour…

    Online, I usually play 4 tables at same time, and I played 9 once ( just to try it ).
    1 online table is usually like 90 hands per hour, so I played 810 hands per hour.
    810/30 = 27. So basically, I’m gonna see 27 x more badbeats, as well as 27x more royal flush, 27x more pocket pairs, 27x more runner runner flush, name it.
    (Some “pro” player even play 30-40 tables at once, I don’t think I even need to talk about the monstruous number of hands they see hourly ).

    I’d bet you’re 100% sure that your theory is correct, and nothing I’ll say will make you reconsider it.
    I’m a member on a few poker forums, and I noticed something (you’re not the first, and certainly not the last ) to talk about this ) :
    The player complaining about “too many badbeats” are always losing players. The winning players all say the “random” is correct.

    Note : I didn’t say you were an overall losing player. You can win live, and lose online ( or the opposite ). It’s 2 differents games.
    Also, the players online are much more aggressive than the live players. So, you’re more likely to get “all-in” against, say, a flush draw… so you’re more likely to get “badbeatted” when the flush hits, just because you’ll see more flush draw situation.

    And at last… many winning players (those I was talking earlier), curious about this, checked game statistics… and they were all perfect.
    And I’m talking about statistics over 10k, 20k, 50k hand played…
    Their AA get cracked around 20% of the time, things like that… Everything is correct.

  3. Nun Y says:

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    go to the country fulltilt is based in and file a lawsuit…demand discovery and read the computer printout of billions of hands. when you say ”75% of the people you talk to see the same thing” it means you talked to 8 people and 6 of them are whiners and complainers and 99% of all gamblers worldwide play poorly. to further answer your question doyle brunson won the world series of poker with 10 / 2 unsuited……twice!!!!

  4. TheDoverPro says:

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    There is one theory about online poker called the Action Flop Theory, and a lot of players think it is true and accounts for many of the bad beats you get online. Here is a link so you can judge for yourself:

    Also, there are problems in online poker. For example, two big sites have recently been found cheating their players, Absolute and Ultimate Bet, here is a link:

    Online casinos to AVOID! Here is a link to an online casino BLACKLIST:

    Be careful, many casinos in foreign countries are little more than scams and getting your money out can be almost impossible.

    I also play at Full Tilt, and, for good reason, I will no longer play in any ring games there. I do play in some tournaments, and I find that there are a lot of players who constantly chase. Put enough of them in any one pot, and one will hit, and beat your best hand by drawing out on you. Nothing you can do about it, because that is just how it works in online poker.

    However there are some online sites that offer Poker and Blackjack and are 100% USA legal, which means you are protected by US law in the event of any problems. And you can legally use your credit cards and get paid fast by check.

    Here is a link:…

    Good luck at the tables.

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