I want to become a poker pro, tell me if im good or not,?

Sunday, July 17, 2011 posted by sunnyboy 5:36 pm
Return of the A asked:

I wanted to test out full tilt’s poker site but i had no money to deposit, i joined a $100 freeroll that consisted of 2700 players and i started playing. I finished 2nd and got $12. I then played a sit and go, (one table tournament) and was down to $380 in chips and came back to win the tournament, i got $4.50 for that. Then i decided to play a sit and go with 180 players and i finished 18th. I think if i deposit i can earn some money. Am i good?
I have played in more than just three tournaments, lol, i have been playing for more than 6 months now and have won money at different sites! My question stated that i was trying out Full tilt and i was successful.

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  1. Ryan B says:

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    Sounds like you are fairly good at poker. I know a good amount of my friends (including myself) who play poker for money online, and we join tournaments in which we win significant amounts of money. Just play conservatively online and you will do well. Poker pro? I don’t know about that, it all depends on the cards you get, and how well you play them. For example, don’t get married to a hand that looks like it may lose just because it looks pretty. (ex Ace ace when there is a flush poss. on the board)

  2. Paulfy says:

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    It’s definitely possible that you are good at poker. But, to say you should become a poker pro is something that only you would know the answer to.

    You might be doing good right now. But, considering the fact that you arent even playing with your own money, you need to understand that you might be playing a little more aggressively than if you were spending your own money.

    Another thing, make sure you play with an amount of money that you feel ok with losing, just in case. Don’t jump into the big games looking for the quick score. There are huuuuge swings with poker. As in you win some you lose some. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling just how long these up and downs can last.

    I say good luck to you! Those online tournaments are great experience. Try to make it out to a real casino to further your poker education. There is lots to learn.

  3. Chad C says:

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    You played in 3 on-line tournaments and won. That’s like a baseball player going 3-for-3 in a spring training game and saying “I’m ready for the majors, look what I did.” That’s not nearly enough to tell if you’re good, and since they were freerolls and micro limit SNGs, the odds of you playing against another good player are pretty slim. Go ahead and put some money in your account and try playing the bigger limit games and play some live cash games and see how you do. If you can win a lot of money consistently there, you’re good.

  4. William H says:

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    A pro makes his living from poker. You are not yet a pro. Keep on playing the freerolls for fun and profit.

  5. Vegas Matt says:

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    You’ve played 3 tournaments. Sorry, but none of your success means anything. People who play in freerolls are trash, and people in $1 SNGs aren’t much better.

    Instead of depositing money, use the $15 or so in your account and see how much you can build it up to playing $1 SNGs. If you’re a consistent winner after say 300 tournaments, then think about going to bigger stakes. Until then, just continue to work to improve and build up that bankroll.

  6. ZCT says:

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    Poker is not about what you did last tournament, it’s about how much profit you’ve made in the past year or so.

    What I’m saying is poker is a long term thing. You just posted that you did well in a free roll, did okay in a single table sit and go, and barely scraped into the money (19th was the bubble, you got 18th).

    So I guess that’s a reasonable start. But to know how good you are we’d have to know how you’d do over the next 50 tournaments you enter.

    Read the article about how Chris Ferguson made money from nothing, just like you are trying to do. It’s quite interesting.

    Good luck.

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    I have won 3 of the 2700 freerolls on fulltilt and cashed in a few other ones. The play is totally different in the buy in games with enrty fees over 27 dollars. I have played in about a dozen of the sunday games, placed 12th in one and 54th in another. They have alot more folks than the freerolls, and cost 200 or 500 to play in (depends most of the time 200 plus vig.) You have much tighter play after the first break. My gf dominates the lower buy in sit and goes and tournaments (nlhe, stud, stud 8ob, omaha, omaha 8ob, razz and horse) yet if the buy in gets above 25 she has a hard time. We both have pokerdb rates that stay around 20% cash however if I play the lower levels (under 25) I do horribly (except the freerolls go figure). If you don’t have a healthy bankroll to start with, going pro is not for you. But if you do, good luck.

  8. sincity usa says:

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    First of all playing with real money and playing in free-rolls are a very different thing to be sure of. In a free-roll players play very loose and just give away chips on hands that most players who had there own money on the line would never do. Now it does sound like you played very well so far, but then again i have seen some of the worst players i have every seen in my life win tourneys. So you have to be the judge of your own play, i know at times i make horrible plays and bluffs, but the thing is i know when i make a bad play or when i am playing bad poker. Most people who are bad players have no clue they are playing bad poker, they think just because there A-2 won against the other guys A-K, that they mad some great play. Just remember poker is not about playing the most hands, or winning the most pots, its all about doing the right thing with your hands at the right times.

  9. JudasHero says:

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    6 months?? Way to early to tell if you’re ready to go pro or not. Winning micro limits is one thing; wait til you have a sufficient bankroll to be playing medium limits. At that point you’ll be able to begin to conceive of whether or not you have a REMOTE chance of being a pro.

    PS Being good and being a pro do not necessarily go hand in hand.

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