What would be a good payout for my investors in poker?

Friday, July 22, 2011 posted by sunnyboy 7:39 am
cubbydwp asked:

I’m wanting to start playing poker online more seriously than I have before. I use to put $50 onto my Full Tilt account and blow it off in an hour playing in limits I shouldn’t of started at. I now realize I should play in limits I am comfortable playing in (I seem to do well when I do this). I am pretty broke at the moment, so I don’t have the money to put on my account. So I was thinking of asking friends and family to invest a few bucks into me playing poker. Im sure I can get enough for 50 dollars, but my question is… What would be a good pay out to the investors if I do well? I was thinking doubling what they put in? (They put in $5, I give them $10) Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!!!
you guys are idiots. i have a job but all my money is going to bills. im only 18. i play very well. but i said i tried to play in blinds that werent good for a $50 bankroll so i was scared to loose my money. and i want people to invest so i can play more comfortably and start off at small levels. just answer my question dont critize me you retards.

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  1. jamie B says:

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    I’m sorry, but you’re probably going to have a hard time finding anyone to bankroll such an undisciplined player. It sound to me like you’re gambling with what you can’t afford to lose and putting yourself in debt isn’t a very good way to fix that.

    That said, when a player is bankrolled, I think 20 percent is a reasonable amount to pay out (i.e. $1 for every $5 invested). That’s the formula for most venture capital.

  2. Vegas Matt says:

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    Generally when someone stakes a player for a tournament, the investor gets 50% of what he makes in the tournament. Doubling their money would probably be fair.

    Frankly, I doubt they’ll ever see that money again. You couldn’t possibly be good enough to make anything if you’re having that much trouble building on a $50 buy in online. I sincerely hope they reject your requests for money and encourage you to get a job if you want money to gamble with.

  3. LUI C says:

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  4. gnrwar says:

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    As others have said, if you have someone backing you in a tourney, 50% AFTER the buy-in is repaid is pretty standard.

    For cash games, I would do it as shares. So to make this example as easy to understand as possible, if you want $50 (which, also as others have said, is pretty laughable for someone serious) each dollar would be worth two shares. So, let’s say you put in $10, your uncle Clyde puts in $15, Aunt Marie throws you $5 and your mother, God bless her heart loans you $20. That means that you hold 20 shares, Clyde has 30, Marie is good for 10 and your mom is sitting pretty with 40. You work out a time frame with them, say 6 months, and you go play your game.

    After 6 months it’s time to sit down with your investors and divvy up the winnings. Let’s say you’ve done good and in the 6 months time, you work your bankroll up to $150 (this will make the math easier). All we care about is the $100 profit and that’s what we divvy up with your investors. You get your 20 shares which is worth $20, Clyde makes $30 from his 30 shares, Marie cashes her 10 shares in for $10 and your mom’s getting that hair dryer she’s been eyeing at Wal-Mart with her 40 shares or $40. This would be the time when everyone decides if they want to do it again, or if they’re ready to back out. If they want to leave, they get their initial money back, or, they can let it ride. They might even want to reinvest the new found money back into you. Either way, you figure out how much people have invested in you, and how many shares each dollar is worth. You might make each share cost $5 and only have 10 shares to work with or something like that. I just used the above example because it worked out as 100 shares for 100% of the $100.

    Of course, if you blow it all, everyone is out their investment, and you can try to get them to do it again.

    2004 WSOP Champion, Greg Raymer actually did something similar back in 2002 and he describes it in very good detail in the FAQ’s of his site,. Check it out.


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